DIY Corner Shelves To Beautify Your Awkward Corner

It is said change is good. One can easily get bored from the look of his/her room, as he/she spends more than half the day there. Sleeping, studying, sitting, eating most of it is done in the room. So it’s a good idea if you keep on changing the things every now and then. If you are on a low budget and want something that is inexpensive, looks good in the room and don’t take up much space either, Corner shelf is the perfect option. Being in the corner, it not only changes the look of the room completely, but it’s also quite functional. A lot of things like a photo frame, a small clock, books, decoration pieces and etc could be kept on them. Here is a simple guide on how you can make DIY Corner Shelves.

Things you’ll need are three 1”x2” board, three 1”x3” board, three ¾” plywood, three ¼ plywood, wall anchors, nails hammer, tape measure, screw driver and tape measure. First up, cut the 1”x3” board at 45 degree angle, according to the desired length of the shelf, then join these, you will have a V shape. Next place the V on the plywood and mark the lines, now carefully cut the plywood according to the marks made. You will now have a triangle that fits exactly on the V. Next step for this DIY Corner shelves is to glue the parts, they’ll fit like a jigsaw puzzle. Do this for all the three pieces of different wood cuts. Next paint them according to the scheme of your room color. Now use carefully measure and mark the position of the shelf you want in your room, by using the wall anchors, fix them in place, and make sure they are equally apart from each other, so that they look more aesthetically pleasing. DIY Corner shelves are the perfect project to do with your family.