Easy DIY Headbands Ideas

Headbands are immensely popular among the women regardless of the continental differences. If a woman does not like wearing it, she still likes making it or seeing it on the head of her sister, friend or daughter. To talk about making these DIY headbands at home, there are many different projects you can take up. Below are given the most fabulous, easiest, economical and stylish DIY headband ideas that you will really love.

Yarn Headband

This is, perhaps, the simplest of all ideas in this article. Just purchase a simple plastic headband from the market in any color. It will cost you just a fraction. Then wrap colorful yarn around it with tight hand. You can use any preferred yarn color or multicolor yarn for this most economical headband project. When you have done the wrapping and tied the ends, the band is ready to wear. Stylish, simple and classy!

T-shirt Headbands

Take old t-shirts of two different, contrasting colors. Cut strips from each of the tees. Weave them to produce a headband. It will be unique and stylish; you will love to go outside for walk, picnic or afternoon gossip with it.

Flowery Headband

There are two types of flowery headbands. You can make a headband of this kind by using a flexible wooden curve like a thick wire. Give it the desired shape to fit on your head, wrap up green paper or yarn onto it. After it, place little DIY flowers on it with equal distances in all flowers.
Another kind of flowery DIY headbands is like the first idea in this writing. Take the same plastic headband, wrap up in green yarn and place the flowers on it just like the projects given in above paragraph. And you will love the floral headband, surely!