Coolest Diy Light Switch Covers

Light switches have minor importance in the overall setting and furniture of a room. But, that does not mean we should neglect their contribution to our whole setting. If we keep them dirty, they can throw negative impression on the visitors. On the other hand, if we keep them clean and bright or beautify them with stylish DIY light switch cover, the guests will appreciate the effort a lot.
So, you have never made a light switch cover? No worry, the below given ideas are for the beginners. Just continue reading and pick up any of the ideas that attract you to begin right now:

Book Spine Switch Cover

A book spine DIY light switch cover is immensely easy to put together and highly stylish to impress others. Just take a simple switch cover, glue, X-acto knife and as much book spines as the width of your light switch. Cut the spines with X-acto to give even sides to give a finished result. Glue the spines onto the simple switch cover and fix it onto the targeted light switch. This kind of product will highly suit the switches in your study room or library.

Photo Frame Switch Cover

Photo frame light switch covers are even simpler than the former ones. You only need to glue the old photo frame on the desired switch. If the frame goes larger than the point, you can use alternate ways to fix it on the wall, like use a nail and hammer and you are done!

Polymer Clay Switch Cover

Make light switch covers by using tiny items to squash into the clay. Let your kids also join this super fun activity and channelize their growing creativity. Everybody will love these DIY switch covers beyond your expectations.