Easy DIY Paper Flower For Beginners

Who doesn’t love flowers? They are so beautiful, you just can’t hate them. But the bad part about them is they die, if you don’t take care properly they don’t live for long. There is a solution to it. It is not very realistic but DIY Paper Flower really good to have if you love flowers. Here is a simple guide on how you can make one.

Paper Daisies, These are one of the easiest DIY Paper Flower. Things you’ll need are a paper strip 3 cm wide and 15 cm long, another paper strip 0.5 cm wide and 15 cm long, scissors, scale and glue. First you need to draw a 0.5 cm line on the 3 cm wide strip. Now the strip is divided in two portions. Next using the scissors cut the larger portion up to the 0.5 mark, make several small cuts. You’ll now have strip that looks a bit grassy type. Next step in the DIY Paper Flower is to glue the 0.5 cm trip to the bigger strip you have just cut, paste it around 3 cm from any end of the bigger strip either left or right, paste it on the 0.5 cm portion, that was not cut. Then next step is to start rolling the, 0.5 cm strip, keep on rolling, and at a point you will have the smaller strip completely rolled in the centre and only one end of the bigger strip would be left, glue that end, and next you will have a structure that will be rounded from the base and would have strips coming out from the centre. Next spread those strips to give it a flowery type look. DIY Paper Flower are really easy and are equally fun for kids and for adults.