Hand Painted Furniture Ideas By Kreadiy

First of all keep in mind that it does not require highly trained artistic skills or wide painting experience to create a masterpiece in hand painting. Will a few basic skills, little practice and proper guidance, you can begin a DIY hand painted furniture project. It involves various choices like copying a design, creating from your head or modifying a design. Whatever you love and are able to do, below are given 5 key points to produce marvelously professional paint designs on your furniture.

Be Simple

Even the simplest design can bring you marvelously ideal results. People, nowadays, don’t look for complications but soberness, elegance and, to some extent, rustic touches. The double-comma design to make petals out of paints is not only simple but also rustic and antique. By combining a few petals, dots and lines, you can bring a wonderful design to completion.

Make Sketches

Copying from inspiration is a bit easier along with granting you confusion-free, finished results. Make a sketch of the design on a paper or cardboard and paint smartly by copying step by step.

Be A Quick Painter

To produce the neatest output, you need to keep your hand quick. If you are confused and don’t keep the brush running smoothly, you will spoil the neatness. The neatly hand painted furniture depicts your preciseness and skill.

Use Small Brush

For furniture painting, it is essential to use small brushes because you will have to handle a lot of delicate and small strokes, which is impossible if you neglect this pro tip.

Don’t Die for Perfection

Don’t keep your mind under a constant stress by looking for perfection in each and every step. If you make one or two minor mistakes during the project, the overall result will make them vanished so superbly that you will be astonished.