Hand Painted Quotes (Vintage & Modern)

How well said, “A facility for quotation covers the absence of original thought”! Exactly, quotes are quite remarkable shortcut to wisdom, so keep them hoarding in your mind and supply them to others through hand painted quotes on the walls of your home.
Below are given top tips to make wonderfully outstanding, eye-catching and fabulous quotes through hand painting on wall.

Pick up the Wisest Words

Though the internet is full of wise sayings; you begin your search and the fervent waves of the endless sea seem to confuse you as result. The appropriate thing is to go with your favorite writer or philosopher’s words. Make your search particular with that name. Or, if you are like me, pick up my favorite quotation right now, “sing like nobody’s listening, dance like nobody’s watching, love like you’ve never been hurt and love like it’s heaven on earth!”.

Find the Ideal Place on the Wall to Paint

If eye-contact with the quotation is a little problem, people scarcely take trouble to read it. So, it is compulsory to decide on the location carefully, so that it hits the readers’ eye without their intention.

Select Coolest Colors

Every era has its popular colors, think about which colors are in trend when you are planning your hand painted quotes. Florescent colors should not be selected to make the quote easily readable. Besides, it is a must to make the color-contrast between the fonts and the wall. Otherwise, the both matching colors can cause confusing results.

Paint in Elegant Font

Over stylish hand painted quotes may not be as easily readable as elegant ones. Keep style alive with soberness and decency. Paint in eye-catching style but make it clearly visible.