Coolest Hand Painted Signs Ideas

Hand painted signs are super stylish, but a DIY project of this kind may put your back against the wall, especially if you have to paint these signs over wood.
Yes, it is a bit hard, but even the beginners can achieve brilliant results and outstanding look if they keep in mind a few directions given below:

  1.  Use the same type of the wood. Every wood is different in nature to receive paint, if you go with various types of woods, you would have to take care of every type in a different way to get classy results. Using the same type of wood for all desired signs can bring you equal finished result for every sign. You will also understand the nature of wood after the first painted sign, and will complete all consequent signs with ease.
  2. Use a quality brush to get completely finished and fantastic paint results. Hand painted signs with quality brush will have more sophisticated appeal and urban touch. Besides, you will not find taking those precise and delicate strokes very hard.
  3. If you have only one brush and various paint colors to prepare the hand painted signs on wood, begin with the lightest color and so on. Otherwise, you will spoil the overall look and find the result a bit different and less quality than that one in your imagination.
  4. To have an easy painting experience, the best thing is to try on smooth surfaces. The smoother a surface is, the brighter and neater the result will be.
  5. If you are going to paint for the very first time, have a trial shot on a useless pellet. Try different types of paint strokes to make your hand in work. The beginners are also better try this trick before beginning the task.