Mesmerizing Mexican Tile Bathroom Ideas

The new generation is mad for innovations in lifestyle. They want a total cut off from traditional designing and lifestyle philosophies. Though it is not possible to forget antiqueness and the charm of old objects, yet it is possible to use them in new ways to add spice to life and enjoy novelty. This is the point that people keep in mind while designing their bathrooms using Mexican tiles.

Mexican tile bathroom has already set its popularity, and the new generation cannot repel its influence. That is why; they have brought lots of innovative and never-seen bathroom styles into reality, where the already popular Mexican tile seems too proud look back to its past uses. To run with time, let us see what novelties the new age has brought to the bathroom design.

Master Bathroom

For couples, bathroom means much more than families. They think about romantic setting and exuberant styles of bathroom. Master bathroom with open bathing tub, shower and behind-the-wall commode and basis with everything bordered by Mexican tile is one of those fabulously romantic bathroom designs. The outer parts of tub, the front wall and the wall covering commode and basin look perfect with traditional Mexican tile.

Spanish Delight

Another wonderful idea is to go with Spanish tile that has become the first choice of various art lovers. Keep the bathroom wall plain or give it clay color of tiles to produce novelty. While all other walls, or half of the all other walls adored by these tiles will make an unforgettable impression.

Country Touch

Another type of Mexican tile bathroom is going with country style. For example, make the outer part of the basin fabulous with Mexican tiles, and put a DIY tin to replace the traditional basin to create a fabulous country touch in your classiest bathroom.