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Mesmerizing Mexican Tile Bathroom Ideas

The new generation is mad for innovations in lifestyle. They want a total cut off from traditional designing and lifestyle philosophies. Though it is not possible to forget antiqueness and the charm of old objects, yet it is possible to use them in new ways to add spice to life and enjoy novelty. This is the point that people keep in mind while designing their bathrooms using Mexican tiles.

Mexican tile bathroom has already set its popularity, and the new generation cannot repel its influence. That is why; they have brought lots of innovative and never-seen bathroom styles into reality, where the already popular Mexican tile seems too proud look back to its past uses. To run with time, let us see what novelties the new age has brought to the bathroom design.

Master Bathroom

For couples, bathroom means much more than families. They think about romantic setting and exuberant styles of bathroom. Master bathroom with open bathing tub, shower and behind-the-wall commode and basis with everything bordered by Mexican tile is one of those fabulously romantic bathroom designs. The outer parts of tub, the front wall and the wall covering commode and basin look perfect with traditional Mexican tile.

Spanish Delight

Another wonderful idea is to go with Spanish tile that has become the first choice of various art lovers. Keep the bathroom wall plain or give it clay color of tiles to produce novelty. While all other walls, or half of the all other walls adored by these tiles will make an unforgettable impression.

Country Touch

Another type of Mexican tile bathroom is going with country style. For example, make the outer part of the basin fabulous with Mexican tiles, and put a DIY tin to replace the traditional basin to create a fabulous country touch in your classiest bathroom.

Hand Painted Furniture Ideas By Kreadiy

First of all keep in mind that it does not require highly trained artistic skills or wide painting experience to create a masterpiece in hand painting. Will a few basic skills, little practice and proper guidance, you can begin a DIY hand painted furniture project. It involves various choices like copying a design, creating from your head or modifying a design. Whatever you love and are able to do, below are given 5 key points to produce marvelously professional paint designs on your furniture.

Be Simple

Even the simplest design can bring you marvelously ideal results. People, nowadays, don’t look for complications but soberness, elegance and, to some extent, rustic touches. The double-comma design to make petals out of paints is not only simple but also rustic and antique. By combining a few petals, dots and lines, you can bring a wonderful design to completion.

Make Sketches

Copying from inspiration is a bit easier along with granting you confusion-free, finished results. Make a sketch of the design on a paper or cardboard and paint smartly by copying step by step.

Be A Quick Painter

To produce the neatest output, you need to keep your hand quick. If you are confused and don’t keep the brush running smoothly, you will spoil the neatness. The neatly hand painted furniture depicts your preciseness and skill.

Use Small Brush

For furniture painting, it is essential to use small brushes because you will have to handle a lot of delicate and small strokes, which is impossible if you neglect this pro tip.

Don’t Die for Perfection

Don’t keep your mind under a constant stress by looking for perfection in each and every step. If you make one or two minor mistakes during the project, the overall result will make them vanished so superbly that you will be astonished.

Amazing DIY Yarn Wreaths For Your Inspiration

Yarn wreath ideas are countless, an amalgam of choices for every occasion and for every relation. Diy projects to create these lovely wreaths are also not less. So, here is given a project that everyone can try to win hearts on the eve of Christmas. Christmas is a time to show devotion by being as snowy as you can, so why not try a DIY yarn wreath truly snowy and attractive. Let us see how to complete this marvelously inspiring project.

Take the base of wreath to begin the project at first. Take stryrofoam wreath form in snowy shade and wrap it firmly onto the base. Place glue at the end to fix the form, if you use a bit of hot glue (just a dot), the fastening will be surer.
The next thing is to make Christmas trees to put on the snowy wreath. To make the trees, you can use various colorful yarns. Take the coolest and brightest colors for the trees. Also, make a tree with multiple colors of yarn. Take a wire cut it in short pieces to fasten the yarn onto them to produce trees.

Next, you will need to make the trees stand on the base. The wooden birch with a hole in the middle will work best. Place the trees one by one in their respective holes of the birches and get ready to set them in the snowy DIY yarn wreath using hot glue.
To place them, take any point and make a little, colorful, bewitchingly attractive forest. The varying lengths of the trees will even beautify the forest.

Take a black and white ribbon to tie at the other end of the DIY yarn wreath and you have done all.
Enjoy the charm and let others appreciate the snowy item in your possession on the occasion.

DIY Pipe Shelves – Easiest Ideas EVER

When it comes to diy pipe shelves then we have to admit the fact that a lot of ideas related to it have already been shared by countless people. Hence in this short discourse we would not share any idea related to diy pipe shelves with you. The purpose of this article is to share with you some basic steps that are required for the preparation of diy pipe shelves. These steps will help you learn the basics of diy pipe shelves. The steps are discussed in the points below

  • First of all you need to get some material such as pine boards, black iron pipes and pipe clamps
  • The second you need to do is to get the pipe shelves plan downloaded
  • The third thing which you can do is to get the boards cut
  • You need sand the boards and get them finished
  • The next thing you need to do is to get the pipes assembled
  • Get some flanges and get them screwed on the wall
  • The next thing you need to do is to get the pipe clamps painted
  • You need to get the board secured and this is well serve as your last step

Here we have just given a brief highlight of these steps however you can find more detail on the subject with ease. There are various tutorials on the internet through which you can get more details about these basic steps. We hope that the article was appreciated by you and we hope that it served as a source of knowledge enhancement for you. The steps mentioned will require some hard work from your side and due effort must be made if you want to become successful

12 DIY Paper Ornaments To Create With The Kids Today

Diy paper ornaments are a common feature nowadays and people use it in various settings. The diy paper ornaments look good and attractive and they can really enhance the level of décor in one’s home or any other setting. There are many ideas about which lot of blogs have been written as far as diy paper ornaments are concerned. In this article we will be listing some wonderful diy paper ornaments ideas. To be precise we will be listing 10 ideas on the subject. The ideas are listed in the points below

  • The first idea is commonly known Pretty Bows. The idea is applied in combination with a tree. There are a lot projects that can be initiated as far as pretty bows is concerned
  • The second idea is known as Glowing stars. All you need to do is to make a three dimensional star. The idea is very easy to apply
  • The third idea is the one which we have named as Festive Pinwheels. The pinwheels can be created in colors which are holiday in nature
  • We have named the fourth idea as Ruffled Pendants. All you need to do is to make attractive pendants through paper ornaments
  • The fifth idea which you can apply is that of Delicate Globes. Through paper ornaments all you need to do is to construct some globes
  • The sixth idea is Cheerful Poufs. You can make paper poufs through holiday cards
  • The seventh idea in our list is that of Sunny Starburst. You can cut the paper ornament into the shape of a sun to successfully apply this idea
  • The eighth idea in our list is Floating Gems
  • The ninth idea in our list is Ornate Snowflake
  • The last idea in our list is Golden Orbs

Easy DIY Paper Flower For Beginners

Who doesn’t love flowers? They are so beautiful, you just can’t hate them. But the bad part about them is they die, if you don’t take care properly they don’t live for long. There is a solution to it. It is not very realistic but DIY Paper Flower really good to have if you love flowers. Here is a simple guide on how you can make one.

Paper Daisies, These are one of the easiest DIY Paper Flower. Things you’ll need are a paper strip 3 cm wide and 15 cm long, another paper strip 0.5 cm wide and 15 cm long, scissors, scale and glue. First you need to draw a 0.5 cm line on the 3 cm wide strip. Now the strip is divided in two portions. Next using the scissors cut the larger portion up to the 0.5 mark, make several small cuts. You’ll now have strip that looks a bit grassy type. Next step in the DIY Paper Flower is to glue the 0.5 cm trip to the bigger strip you have just cut, paste it around 3 cm from any end of the bigger strip either left or right, paste it on the 0.5 cm portion, that was not cut. Then next step is to start rolling the, 0.5 cm strip, keep on rolling, and at a point you will have the smaller strip completely rolled in the centre and only one end of the bigger strip would be left, glue that end, and next you will have a structure that will be rounded from the base and would have strips coming out from the centre. Next spread those strips to give it a flowery type look. DIY Paper Flower are really easy and are equally fun for kids and for adults.

Coolest Diy Light Switch Covers

Light switches have minor importance in the overall setting and furniture of a room. But, that does not mean we should neglect their contribution to our whole setting. If we keep them dirty, they can throw negative impression on the visitors. On the other hand, if we keep them clean and bright or beautify them with stylish DIY light switch cover, the guests will appreciate the effort a lot.
So, you have never made a light switch cover? No worry, the below given ideas are for the beginners. Just continue reading and pick up any of the ideas that attract you to begin right now:

Book Spine Switch Cover

A book spine DIY light switch cover is immensely easy to put together and highly stylish to impress others. Just take a simple switch cover, glue, X-acto knife and as much book spines as the width of your light switch. Cut the spines with X-acto to give even sides to give a finished result. Glue the spines onto the simple switch cover and fix it onto the targeted light switch. This kind of product will highly suit the switches in your study room or library.

Photo Frame Switch Cover

Photo frame light switch covers are even simpler than the former ones. You only need to glue the old photo frame on the desired switch. If the frame goes larger than the point, you can use alternate ways to fix it on the wall, like use a nail and hammer and you are done!

Polymer Clay Switch Cover

Make light switch covers by using tiny items to squash into the clay. Let your kids also join this super fun activity and channelize their growing creativity. Everybody will love these DIY switch covers beyond your expectations.

Easy DIY Headbands Ideas

Headbands are immensely popular among the women regardless of the continental differences. If a woman does not like wearing it, she still likes making it or seeing it on the head of her sister, friend or daughter. To talk about making these DIY headbands at home, there are many different projects you can take up. Below are given the most fabulous, easiest, economical and stylish DIY headband ideas that you will really love.

Yarn Headband

This is, perhaps, the simplest of all ideas in this article. Just purchase a simple plastic headband from the market in any color. It will cost you just a fraction. Then wrap colorful yarn around it with tight hand. You can use any preferred yarn color or multicolor yarn for this most economical headband project. When you have done the wrapping and tied the ends, the band is ready to wear. Stylish, simple and classy!

T-shirt Headbands

Take old t-shirts of two different, contrasting colors. Cut strips from each of the tees. Weave them to produce a headband. It will be unique and stylish; you will love to go outside for walk, picnic or afternoon gossip with it.

Flowery Headband

There are two types of flowery headbands. You can make a headband of this kind by using a flexible wooden curve like a thick wire. Give it the desired shape to fit on your head, wrap up green paper or yarn onto it. After it, place little DIY flowers on it with equal distances in all flowers.
Another kind of flowery DIY headbands is like the first idea in this writing. Take the same plastic headband, wrap up in green yarn and place the flowers on it just like the projects given in above paragraph. And you will love the floral headband, surely!

12 Ideas How To Make DIY Crate Bookshelf

The diy crate bookshelf is not something new and the idea is very much applied nowadays in almost all the homes. Today there are many forums through which one can get the ideas related to diy crate bookshelf. In this article our aim is not to share any diy crate bookshelf ideas with you rather through this article we will be sharing with you the materials that are required for the preparation of diy crate bookshelf. The materials have been listed in the points below.

  • First of all you need to get a bunch of wooden crates of unfinished nature. The exact number of wood crates should be at least 8. Ensure that the wood crate is at least 12.5 inches. However this mentioned size is not mandatory and if you wish, you can go for other sizes as well.
  • You need to get a good quality sand paper. The sand paper is a very important item for you hence you should purchase it with caution
  • You need to purchase a set of brushes as well and when we say brushes we actually mean sponge brushes. You can easily find these brushes from the market
  • The next item in our list are the rags, well this is something which is very much available in the market and purchasing it would not be a hard nut to crack for you
  • Get some plastic table cloth however ensure that it is not pictured
  • The next item you need is Minwax Provincial Stain (946 ml)
  • Minwax paste is also important for you
  • Get a drill and if you do not have a grill then in such a case you can go for a screwdriver
  • The screws should not be more than 1 inch
  • Try to get a L bracket and it should not be pictured

DIY Corner Shelves To Beautify Your Awkward Corner

It is said change is good. One can easily get bored from the look of his/her room, as he/she spends more than half the day there. Sleeping, studying, sitting, eating most of it is done in the room. So it’s a good idea if you keep on changing the things every now and then. If you are on a low budget and want something that is inexpensive, looks good in the room and don’t take up much space either, Corner shelf is the perfect option. Being in the corner, it not only changes the look of the room completely, but it’s also quite functional. A lot of things like a photo frame, a small clock, books, decoration pieces and etc could be kept on them. Here is a simple guide on how you can make DIY Corner Shelves.

Things you’ll need are three 1”x2” board, three 1”x3” board, three ¾” plywood, three ¼ plywood, wall anchors, nails hammer, tape measure, screw driver and tape measure. First up, cut the 1”x3” board at 45 degree angle, according to the desired length of the shelf, then join these, you will have a V shape. Next place the V on the plywood and mark the lines, now carefully cut the plywood according to the marks made. You will now have a triangle that fits exactly on the V. Next step for this DIY Corner shelves is to glue the parts, they’ll fit like a jigsaw puzzle. Do this for all the three pieces of different wood cuts. Next paint them according to the scheme of your room color. Now use carefully measure and mark the position of the shelf you want in your room, by using the wall anchors, fix them in place, and make sure they are equally apart from each other, so that they look more aesthetically pleasing. DIY Corner shelves are the perfect project to do with your family.

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